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Hey.. It's good been so long! Its now October and I'm good... So much has gone on.. I'm in school full time to be a dentist so that's great. I have amazing grades but that's no surprise. Still single but whatever when God wants me to meet someone I will. My hair.. haha.. I think that was my last entry, but it has grown but my stylist cut it.. Maybe I'll add a picture to it... but it looks good.. I've also lost some weight so that a +++ lol.. no other way of saying it but with the symbol. My moms 3 year anniversary of her death is in 2 weeks.. been crying a lot lately.. seems like everything triggers it.. Kim Kardashians wedding was the start of it though.. So I'm gonna start posting some things in here... I have so much to talk about.. CRAZINESS!!! ..... but I gotta do it in order from my last post... hmm IDK..

La confiance est belle