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We are never satisfied with what we have. 

I’m feeling slightly indifferent. You see my cousin has been staying with me for the last two months and today she got her own place. Now these last two months have been hell. Being a private tidy person can be difficult when you open your home. Personally, I positive I have obsession compulsion disorder. I like things in order milk and water on one side of the fridge and juices on the other. Everything has a place and every place has space. 

My cousin is the slobs of all slobs. She doesn’t pick up after herself, leaves food everywhere. Will put something in the fridge without a lid.. Ugh I was the only one cleaning thinking to myself “bitch you shit and bleed in that toilet too, Clorox it sometimes!!!" It didn’t help that I live in the basement of my house, So my bed was right next to my couch where she slept.  I mean I can go for days on why I was unhappy, but at the end of the day she’s my cousin and I’ve been in her shoes. 

Anyway she’s gone now and all I can find myself doing is looking over to my couch and missing the pile of shit she had. Like I said she irritates the hell out of me but all I want is for her ass to come back. 

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