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Sex gone right

Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go its pretty damn good. - Woody Allen

The moment you feel the vibrations of your clitoris hit the side of your vagina lip and the moistness of your panties from the thought of him inside of you happens when? All I need is to hear his voice and my body begins to trimmer. It doesn’t matter if we just finished fucking or if I’m mad. His voice is my trigger. To look into someone’s eyes knowing they have that type of control over you is insane. Just thinking about this makes me want to get off. To have a perfect penis that fits your vagina without being to big or small can become overwhelming. The thought of licking and sucking this penis turns you on.

Sex is not a chore it’s a sport.. Who can go the longest without tapping out, who can give the nut first, who sweats the most… I like my sex intense… smacking, choking, biting… What do you like, what’s your twist?

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