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What happened to courting? Guys stopping by the a girls home to show a interest? Walking to school, friendly phone calls, going on double dates with friends? 

Way back when, girls use to giggle over lunch about the guys that were courting them. How they were going on that first date and how nervous they were. When guys came to your home to ask your parents (dad) for permission to take their daughter out. That sacred moment when you decide your going steady. Taking the time to get to know one another. Falling in love!!

Who decided that courting was over? 

Present day we think we know someone because of a profile on a social site or because they walked past you in a crowded area. What happened to single people thinking its OK to have sex with someone before we know something as simple as a last name. At what point did we a people believe that we weren’t worth the chase? Are we confused, bored, eager… WHAT?! When did it become OK for me to go into a store and be harassed because someone knows me from some social site? When has it become OK to give a piece of your body to a stranger because he bought you a coffee? This is the world we live in. Guys, you don’t open doors, buy flowers or slow dance anymore? Has anyone wondered why the divorce rate is so high? Ladies, what happened to making a man work for the companionship, love, ass… It appears I have a lot of questions and no answers. 

A lot can happen in 70 years, I just thought some values were sacred……..

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  1. Anonymous12:47 AM

    I agree!!!! But with this generation being respectable or a gentleman is considered Corney or frowned upon. Until people can look in the mirror and be ok with who they see they will forever be a slave to what everyone else is doing and whats cool.

    Love the Blog :)