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Try the Cherry Popsicle!!

I know this chic Corey who’s specializes in sucking dick, like she really enjoys it. She told me that she can make a dude bust a nut 3 times in 10 minutes just by sucking his dick. I believe her to.. I remember my girlfriend was trying to teach me how to suck dick, I had to be 16. It was so funny she came in my bedroom with 2 cucumbers and just started sucking. I was soo confused and frustrated because I couldn’t get it. As I got older and became comfortable with giving head I learned one thing. The wetter the better!!!  Men like wet head, no man wants you sucking his dick with cotton mouth, shit hurts… Teeth is ok IF you know how to use your teeth… Don’t go biting his shit, caressing his shaft as you choke down is ok… Once you perfect the deep throat aspect you should be good… Have fun with it, men will enjoy themselves more if they see your turned on by it.

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